Creativity Freedom

Ciao! I’m Stephanie and I’m passionate about creativity and supporting others who want to create a life doing something they love.

My entrepreneurial journey began many years ago with a side business that I hoped would be my answer to finding financial freedom and a way to leave my regular day job. It quickly became a lesson in realizing I needed to truly have a passion for something rather than chasing money in a business that I wasn’t actually good at selling. However, I do not see this first business as a failure, but rather as a stepping stone on the path which has led me to living a life I am loving now.

With little resources remaining after this financial fiasco except my computer, an internet connection, and an insatiable desire to change my life, I discovered what I was really passionate about and dedicated myself to discovering how I could get my passions to support me. I researched and studied for countless hours on how to create my own websites, master social media, and eventually the whole concept of business branding as I earned my master’s degree in media design. I’ve since used this knowledge to create several other businesses in my various passions of travel, art, and teaching that continue today.

One aspect of my old career path working for others that I always enjoyed was being support to the executives of the companies where I worked. Now as a university professor I encourage my students to do something they love when they go out into the working world and not just settle for a job that pays well but they merely tolerate or hate and can’t wait to go home at the end of the day. That’s not a way to live a good life. If they don’t know exactly what their passion is or what they want to do after graduation, I teach them also that it’s okay to try different things until something resonates with them.

If an income is necessary for survival, as it is often the case, then don’t give up your passion completely if it can’t support you in this moment. Do whatever you can on the side until it can one day support you.

Even if you have little available resources and minimal computer skills, I can help you get started. I’ll help you set up your own website that you can manage yourself within a budget you can afford. I’ll teach you about social media marketing practices and how to save time updating several channels at once.

If this sounds interesting to you or you think you may want to work with me, then look at  my courses to see what works for you, contact me to discuss your needs, or follow me on Twitter for information and tips.