Creativity Freedom

Ciao! I’m Stephanie and I’m passionate about creativity. I understand that not everyone believes they are creative, has time for it,  or wishes they could do more. I want to help.

I’ve been creative most of my life. I’m an artist-designer and writer. I’ve struggled and worked through insecurities about my own creativity. While in the ongoing process of studying personal development , I returned to school to receive my master’s in Media Design – which is to stay it is the study of branding.

As I continue my research on creativity, I’d like to help others looking to do something with theirs or needs some help with their branding.

I’d like to work with start-up entrepreneurs, artists-designers who need help getting their work noticed, and people who are still looking for their passion but know they want to do something creative.

If this sounds interesting to you or you think you may want to work with me, then  contact me to discuss your needs or follow me on Twitter for information and tips.