photo credit: Luisa De Simone

Arts & Crafts workshop. photo credit: Luisa De Simone

Who is Stephanie?

She’s a branding and creativity coach. She’s also an artist-designer, writer, and a teacher.

Creative since early childhood, Stephanie enrolled in art college (against the advice of her parents) and did whatever was necessary to pay for school and her own living expenses. Her determination only got her so far, because after graduation she fell into the trap of believing what everyone around her seemed to imply – that she had to get a “real” job now that she was an adult and had a student loan bill to repay in addition to her other expenses.

Stephanie remained a bit creative doing projects on the side, but still didn’t seem to find satisfaction with her career working in an office doing administrative work. She lacked the support she needed of other creatives around her, encouraging her, and challenging her to more with what she learned in college.

Dissatisfied with everything going on in her life (chasing other people’s dreams along with failed personal relationships), she took a reality break and began traveling. This move later lead to her studies in personal development when she once again took an office job to pay the bills.

Eventually she enrolled in graduate school and received her MFA in Media Design – otherwise known as an intensive graduate course on branding. This time she swore to never return to another office job that wasn’t creative and would do whatever was necessary to pay the bills as long as it was fun so she could continue to pursue her creative work.

Following her own dreams to live in Italy, she ended up taking a risk and moved there to teach English while she pursued creating art in her free time.

All of this experience has come full circle. Because her own creative pursuits has such a broad range, she realized that she’s most passionate about the subject of creativity and supporting anyone who desires to be more creative in their work or life.

Her art is infused in her teaching, while her teaching is helping her to create more of the ideas that are sparked by her students and personal experiences. Her teaching has also given her the confidence to lead and share with others the knowledge she has gained through her years of experience in both the corporate world and in more non-traditional environments. Her next big personal challenge is going for a doctorate of philosophy degree in creative studies.

Stephanie’s focused now on improving her teaching skills, offering programs for start-up creative entrepreneurs and artists-designers who need help getting their work noticed, and pursuing her side-business that supports her passion of travel. If you’re interested to learn more and would like to work with Stephanie, contact her or follow her on Twitter.