The Creative’s Way Course

The Creative’s Way

This creativity course, led by Stephanie Miles, is an introductory program into the practice of being more creative. Unleashing your creativity will help you to innovate new ideas that can benefit your business and life.

You do not have to be creative to join the course. You only need a strong desire and dedication to do the work in order to learn to be more creative and explore what you are able to with more creative thinking. Even if you have done a similar course in the past, you can always get fresh ideas by repeating it and from making friends with the new circle of creative people you will meet.

The schedule

We will begin by starting the daily practice of Morning Pages (about 30 minutes daily) and activities (an additional 1-3 hours weekly) as outlined in the book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. The first meeting will start with an introduction of ourselves and an explanation of what you could expect during the course. Stephanie may provide additional information and exercises during meetings in addition to the original course outline.

  • Meetings are approximately 1 hour each week on Thursday evenings scheduled from 8-9pm (GMT+2) for 12 weeks
  • Meetings in Salerno will meet at a designated location
  • The meetings will be held in a mix of English and Italian languages
  • Weekly meetings will involve group discussions about our experiences, desires, breakthroughs, and things we need help with
  • Some weekly meetings could feature guest speakers and/or creative activities we can do during the meeting

The course will address information such as our fears, insecurities, buried dreams, fame, competition, trust, and success. You will address negative beliefs, how to deal with criticism, perfectionism, and even take yourself on artist’s dates. We will also work on building new creative habits and setting goals for your creativity.

About the book

The Artist’s Way is a book written by Julia Cameron. It is designed as a 12-week course that is meant to help artists and anyone who wants to be creative to discover and recover their creative self. Her book has sold millions of copies around the world and groups have formed in many communities for over 20 years to support one another as they work through their personal blocks and discoveries with their creative desires and talents.

If you have not read or seen the book before, it is formatted so that each chapter will work on a particular topic in a progressive manner on a weekly basis. Some of the topics for each week include Recovering a Sense of Safety, Recovering a Sense of Identity, …Power, Possibility, Abundance, Connection, etc.

What does it mean to be creative?

Being creative is the action that it takes to manifest your creative ideas. Everyone possesses the capacity to be creative in some way. Even with physical restrictions, if you are able to communicate with others, then you can command the actions necessary to be creative. It takes imagination to come up with the ideas and courage to put them in action.

Creativity is unlimited and it is practical. We are all creative. Some of us believe that we are not, but in reality we just forgot how.

Creativity is not only for gifted artists, musicians, and writers. Creativity can be found everywhere and in every profession. Painters, photographers, dancers, parents, teachers, scientists, and yes, even politicians are creative. We may not all be Martha Stewart, but we each have a unique gift inside of us that when allowed to play we can come up with out-of-the-box ideas and solutions to life’s puzzles.

Join us to unlock your creativity or to explore new ideas that you will discover during this program. Scroll down to complete the registration form below.

Enroll in the Creative’s Way Course

The registration fee for this course is 120€ and can be made payable online via Paypal or by credit card. free during Summer 2018!!!

To enroll in a future program, complete the Contact Form below to inquire about the next schedule.

The Artist’s Way book is required to participate, but it is NOT included in the course fee. You can buy a copy at major bookstores (usually found in the personal development or arts sections) or online. If you are not a native English speaker, feel free to purchase and use the book printed in the language that is most comfortable for you. Only the weekly meetings are conducted in English+Italian.

I look forward to your participation!

Course Dates

Summer 2018 begins June 20, 2018. Please inquire or check back later for future dates.